The Absolute Signal

. The Absolute Signal March 27, 2023, 03:33 pm . The Absolute Signal is He. The Moment Of No Time explodes by His One WILL, at His snapping fingers, in all Universe’s adobes. . Last days parade ‘front our noses. Last Planets parade, on last stage. Watch: Master of Masters is staging Most wondrous Performance […]

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For His Children

. For His Children Sunday, March 26, 2023, 11:11 . For His Children are all smithen diamonds of His brilliant Light!… Sent to Earth to resplendently bless all Creation, and birth Rainbows of Light for Rebirth! . For His Children transmute dark to brightness! Burn bad wounds and restore Life from death, bringing Healing and […]

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Your Lions Are In Rage

. Your Lions Are In Rage March 23, 2023, 03:23 pm . Your Lions are in rage! Monsters have lost the Measure. Oppose Great Shift of Ages, scramble in dirty pleasure… . “Don’t be afraid, nor timid”. Thirteen Thousand years blank, Council of Nine was angry, and Great Atlantis sunk! . “There never can be […]

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Your Colours So Wondrous

. Your Colours So Wondrous March 4, 2023, 22:44 . Your colours so wondrous!… You flash them to us, delight our senses, on our Terre Basse… . Magnetic magicians, Your colours Divine dismantle old patterns, birth Purity shine… . Great Masters are coming. Fear culture declines. Dark codes are disabled. Your Rainbow Light shines… . […]

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In Birthing Pain

. In Birthing Pain March 2nd, 2023, 05:55 pm . In Birthing Pain is gasping Mother Earth. The Warriors kneel, all dropping their Swords. The Greatest Moment in Man History, salute the Universe and all the Worlds! . The Moment came, to finally see Freedom. In Magic Leap takes wing now Mother Earth! Never before, […]

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Old World Died Today

. Old World Died Today February 21, 2023, 21:21 . The old world we all know disappeared today. Drop your old way of thinking, like snakes. Universes bump one in each other, in shock, as Divine Cycles lock in giant breaks. . Brilliant Light you’ll discover in children big eyes, with the purity they bring […]

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Effulgent Blow

. Effulgent Blow February 13, 2023, 13:13 . Effulgent Blow from Father High is raging through Creation, . Effulgence Blast Father ignites, for our Liberation!!! . The pain so dark devoured Souls of His Divine Creation, . His Floods of Light, Effulgence spark, to birth man Liberation! . But He contains Changes Divine, New Pillars […]

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God’s Unprecedented Gift

. God’s Unprecedented Gift Saint Germain Message for FREEDOMsRAY July 3-6, 2015 . Aho! Agreements of several communities  can form, by assent,  into a federation. . The strength and ethical validity  of a federation  have roots  in sound reasoning,  i.e. philosophy,  and in non-denominational Spirit,  e.g. Spirit of Truth. . The endurance of a federation depends […]

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Missing That Wondrous Sun

. Missing That Wondrous Sun January 11, 2023, 11:11 . Blind you are, missing that Wondrous Sun! Brightest Light, of your Father Bright Light! So afraid, His Magnificent Sun, you hide deep in the Earth, Him to fight! . Do I hear, you want dim His Sun? What a stupid and pompous pretense! You’re a […]

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