He is my Sound Master

  He Is My Sound Master   He is my Sound Master, said Father. First I thought, eyebrow high – Music Teacher, but the Sound is so infinite in my Father, not to fathom by any earth preacher.   In the Sound there are Father’s pillars. Is the basis for His all construct. Upon this […]

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Return of the Son

  Return Od The Son   . #ExpandYourThinking . “There were many silent Patriots serving as security around the assassinated Presidents son all through his life. Some from far off. These Patriots were also in every level of Government and Military quietly observing/waiting.” . ReturnOfTheSon . . . . 3 March, 2020 ‚ÄúTime and the […]

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Shame is not of God

  Shame Is Not Of God   Shame is not of God.   Shame is a feeling fabricated¬† by the dark.   The human is the child of God. The human stands in his power he has from God – and speaks his Truth.   There is no place for shame, anywhere, in speaking Truth. […]

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