We are on our Ascension way

  We Are On Our Ascension Way   We are on our Ascension way. Don’t know which speed we travel. We bask in Love, we hover high, for lost behind is Babel!   We took with us our greatest loved. We cry and hug all brothers. Our tortured children hold we tight, in healing seas […]

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De facto — De jure

  De facto — De Jure January 7, 2020   From De Facto To De Jure by Speak Project | Jan 6, 2020 | Constitutional Law, Constitutional Rights, Lawful America De Fac·to   /ˌdā ˈfaktō/ adverb in fact, or in effect, whether by right or not. Similar: in practice, in effect, in fact, in reality, […]

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Gaia Portal, January 6, 2020

  Gaia Portal Message January 6, 2020     Celebrations occur within each Hue-Being as the Light enters. The Joy of Celebrations returns to the Children of God! Desperations are released, and abandoned, for all time. We are all deeply healed! Human strands are reconfigured to the Hue-Being. The Christ of God enacts His New […]

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Just look!

  Just Look!   Just look! How that drop of the dew is vibrating, in this glorious morning of winter, on Earth! One so tiny small sphere, of water, eternal, in the Giant this Cosmos of Spheres, a dwarf!   How highly its vibrance! Great Sun Rays so small bundled! Living Life in a sphere, […]

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Yes. Great Decisions

  Yes. Great Decisions   Yes. Great Decisions are taken today in the Heavens. Be sure, Father never let us alone! His Christ is the One leading Trumpet on Gaia. NOT any laughable clown or clone! . . . .

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  Watch!   Watch! The New Lineage of Love on arrival! Watch! Our tears to Joy now shall turn! Watch! Dissolved is the Age of Betrayal! Tune your trumpets! Our hearts in Joy burn!   Wake! The heavens are full of your brothers! All long misery ages are gone! Fill your hearts with the Hope […]

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He called me Allemande

  He Called Me Allemande   He called me Allemande, to resound in me,  with His voice, o, so gently, the remembrance to be.   He called me Allemande, to remind to me, of an old pledge I gave Him, dark enslavement, to free.   He called me His Allemande, in this world come and […]

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O, The Wonder You Are!

  O, The Wonder You Are!   Yet again feel Your Being. Yet again Feel Your Hand. Let me dive in Your Pulsing, in Your huge Cosmic Land.   Yet again are You there with Your Angels so sweet, hold me tight at Your Being, at the Heart of Your beat…   I was lost […]

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