Your Artistry

  YOUR Artistry   It is Your Artistry. “Expand your thinking!”, You told my Lion Brothers. “Just show Me you can dance!” For all to SEE, that there is Love and Wonders.   YESSS, You have done it!   . . .

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It Is Done!

    It Is Done!   March 19, 2019, 11:11 Urantia/Shan/Gaia Milky Way Galaxy Nebadon Universe Orvonton Superuniverse Grand Creation In this Perfect Moment of NOW   In the Name of God, It Is Done. Ascension Accomplished.   Trumpet across Creation the Joy of Liberation!   . . .  

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Gaia Portal, March 18, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message March 18, 2019     Mellorites are handled as challenges arise. Mellorites, in Blackburn, Lancashire, was a branch of weavers. May be a hint to the weavers of a false dossier. Maybe the Military Tribunals are officially starting. Maybe true Justice is coming. Ecstatics are unveiled for the hu-beings to grasp. Truth […]

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With such a Messenger

With Such A Messenger   With such a Messenger on wings so magic in full force flying through the cold spring, to my amazement and surprise determined to give straight in my face a KEY to sing…   O, what a sweet creature through the air aiming at me without doubt all! How can I […]

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We Come From Across Universes

  We Come From Across Universes   Yes. We come from across Universes. Yes. We are here to stay. Yes. We free now our brothers and sisters on Gaia, you tortured and led all astray!   Yes. We Are the magnificent Race of the Lions. From Asgard, our Sacred World Mother. You destroyed us and […]

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That Green Butterfly

  That Green Butterfly March 17, 2019, 11:11   That green butterfly was just popping out of the blue, as a symbol of Love! In the rays of the Sun so translucent, like a most wondrous greet from above!   The courageous marvel creature strongly flying to me at all odds, in full sight of […]

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I wait for something

  I Wait For Something   I wait for something and I wait for some… I wait for wonders in the days to come.   I fall in tears and I feel alone, when Timeline Jumps is nothing writ in stone!   The worlds are changing and so do the skies, one Earth is here […]

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